Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rock & roll before the devil comes to take your soul

Artist: Tyler Read
Album: Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us
Label: Immortal Records
Release Date: 4.17.07

Ever wonder what The Pink Spiders would sound like if they were from the deep south? Look no further, because Tyler Read is your answer.

Yes, Louisiana's Tyler Read have dropped their regular pop rock sound for something a little more rooted in the dirty south, and by doing so seemed to have kicked their talent up a few notches.

Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us blasts open with an arena-worthy anthem titled "The Killer," with the album's first hints at '70s rockers and their more modern counterparts like Jet or The Darkness. Tyler Read's kitsch level is somewhere between those two particular bands, which is the perfect balance between taking themselves too seriously and being completely ridiculous.

The CD's lead single, "Intentions," showcases heavy guitar riffs and a great vocal performance from Josh Johnson. However, I feel that this song, particularly the chorus, could benefit from having a slightly faster beat. In fact, I feel this way about quite of few of the songs on the record. Not to say that the songs are bad, but I feel Tyler Read is at their best when they are playing hard and fast.

The exception to this is the closing track, "Heaven." This hopeful track displays some of the best lyrics on the album:

I think this whole sky was meant for us / I can see the colors and the whites collide / Then the good morning will welcome us / And wish us into this brand new year

All of the members of Tyler Read are very open about their belief in Christianity. This does come across in the lyrics, but not in such a heavyhanded was so as to turn you off from the album. Their faith gives them the one factor that keeps this album from being straight up '70s rock - instead of the songs praising the ideas of groupies and promiscuous girls, they instead bemoan these facts. It's a refreshing change of pace, especially for this genre of music.

The big songs and catchy hooks on this album lend themselves perfectly to the hot summer afternoons that are quickly headed our way. I can't say I'll still be listening to this disc ten years down the road, but for now, I'll rock out with the windows down.

01. The Killer
02. Intentions *
03. Michael Jackson
04. Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us Now
05. All You Need Is Love, But
06. A Litmus Test
07. Baby's Got A Temper
08. Fire Away
09. Private School Girls *
10. Get Ready
11. Heaven *

* - standout track

For fans of: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Agent Sparks, Rediscover

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bah said...

this sounds excellent for summer, i'll definitely be checking it out.