Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/25/07 recs

Rosie Thomas.
Beautiful acoustic pop music. Her album These Friends Of Mine was recorded with Sufjan Stevens and Denison Witmer, and includes guest vocals from Jeremy Enigk (on a Denison cover), Damien Jurado, and David Bazan.
For Fans Of: The Weepies, Brandi Carlisle, Maria Taylor

The New Frontiers.
Formerly known as Stellamaris, these Texans play atmospheric pop rock that will completely envelope you while you are listening. Their upcoming full-length was recorded with Matt Goldman, and I'm sure it will blow many listeners out of the water.
For Fans Of: Nada Surf, As Tall As Lions, The Appleseed Cast

Cold War Kids.
Long Beach natives Cold War Kids are a pretty unique band these days. They play a blend of rock and blues, full of swagger and soul that's hard to find in our scene. The album released earlier this year, Robbers & Cowards, is probably going to end up pretty high on my end of the year list.
For Fans Of: The White Stripes, Spoon, The Strokes

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