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We Shot The Moon - Polar Bear & Cougar EP, The

We Shot The Moon - The Polar Bear & Cougar EP
Label - The Militia Group
Release Date - December 18, 2007

I was really upset when Waking Ashland called it quits. They had been a favorite of mine for a long time, so when I heard that Jonathan Jones was working on a project with some of the Sherwood guys, I leaped for the EP. To my relief, I was not disappointed.

The collective known as We Shot The Moon encapsulates the best of Waking Ashland, Sherwood, and the California sunshine. The EP's opener, "Sway Your Head," has one of the catchiest hooks in recent memory, along with a nice piano melody and a strong drum backbone. Jones' vocals are dead on, and he ranges up and down the scales effortlessly.

"Julie" is a lilting pop-rock powerhouse with loud guitars and Weezer-like harmonizations. "Water's Edge" is very reminiscent of Waking Ashland circa Composure, only it is overflowing with more energy than Waking Ashland ever had. The chorus practically explodes out of your headphones. "LTFP" is the most rock-oriented of the tracks. It takes awhile to build up, but when the chorus drops down, the band delivers another crack hook.

The EP closes with the acoustic based "Welcome Home," which was originally one of Jones' solo songs. I might even go so far as to say it's one of the best songs he's ever written. The lyrics are the most complex on the album, and the addition of bells are a nice touch. Jones sounds completely sincere in his delivery, which is nice to hear in a pop-rock band. If these five songs are what We Shot The Moon came up with right out of the gate, I cannot wait to hear what they'll come up with for their full-length debut.

Track Listing
01. Sway Your Head *
02. Julie
03. Water's Edge
04. LTFP
05. Welcome Home *

* - standout tracks

For Fans Of: Waking Ashland, Brighten, The Morning Light

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