Friday, October 31, 2008

Interview - The Urgency

The Urgency are a band from New England who are working hard to get themselves heard. So, lend an ear and take a listen while you read my interview with them.

PPJ: First, tell us your name and what you do in the band.

Tyler: My name is Tyler, and I sing for The Urgency.

PPJ: How did you get into music?

Tyler: I had my parents' old record player in my room back home for as long as I can remember, plus I grew up with lots of instruments in the house, from keyboards and guitars to saxophones. The only thing I really stuck with was singing though.

PPJ: How did The Urgency begin?

Tyler: Ian and Kevin have been playing music together since they were little kids. They're a few years older than me, and even though we grew up just a town apart, I didn't start playing music with them until much later. They ended up playing in bands together throughout school, where they eventually met Guerin in college. Just as I started college they graduated, heard about me through the grapevine, and we started jamming... that was late autumn 2005. After a few EPs, we finally finished our full-length early this past year, where we asked Ryan to join as our second guitarist and background vocals in order to live up to the album live.

PPJ: How did you get signed to Island/Def Jam?

Tyler: A lot of persistence. We really played for anyone who would listen, anywhere possible. Before we got signed we didn't really have any money to tour, no van or trailer, no gas money, nothing. We saw getting signed as a way to keep playing music for as long and as much as possible. Really we can't imagine doing anything else right now. Anyway, we just recorded what we could in our apartment, and played as many shows as we could in the New England/New York area. When we met David Bendeth, he immediately wanted to take us in and record a few tracks. After we leaked the new tracks, we got a few offers, and went with Mercury/Island/Def Jam.

PPJ: What's been the best part of being in a major label band so far?

Tyler: Same as it would be if we were on an indie - we get to play music every night and see the world!

PPJ: You're on tour with A Cursive Memory right now. How is that going?

Tyler: It's going well! There's a lot more little girls on this tour than we've experienced in the past, but I think they're taking to our band quite well considering the difference in genres.

PPJ: Tell us about your time recording your album.

Tyler: It was a life-changing, eye-opening experience. Bendeth took us in to his studio, the House of Loud, which became our home for the next six months. He had us writing and practicing rigorously every hour of the day, every day. He really pushed us to our limits, and we came out of it a much stronger band.

PPJ: How did you choose "Fingertips" to be your single?

Tyler: The album as a whole is very eclectic, and Fingertips is only one facet of our music. I think we ultimately went with Fingertips because of how provocative it is. Personally, I think we have "catchier" songs, but there's definitely an edginess about that song that people are attracted to. I think there's a darkness to it, but on the surface it's this fun, catchy, progressive rock song that people want to hear on the radio.

PPJ: What's it like to see yourself getting coverage on places like and Fearless TV?

Tyler: It's pretty cool. Both AP and Fearless are great ways to get heard. And PopPunkJunkie of course ; ).

PPJ: What are you doing next after this tour is over?

Tyler: Writing new music, recording demos, Looking for more tours!

PPJ: Finally, tell us three bands you think we should be listening to.

Tyler: Kid:Nap:Kin, The Cambiata, and Romans.

Thanks again to Tyler for answering our questions, and to Brian Robillard at Universal Music Group for arranging the interview. Be sure to check out The Urgency's self-titled debut album.

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