Wednesday, March 14, 2007

music's all around, can you feel the sound inside?

Recs a little early this week, as I may not have access to a computer tomorrow.

Holiday Parade.
Another unsigned pop band, these guys clearly know what they're doing. If you like the sound of All Time Low, Sherwood, or Cartel, then Holiday Parade is right up your alley.

Down By Fire.
I was just tipped off about these guys the other day. Mostly punk with a little pop and a lot of heart. Pure moshing goodness.

Progressive indie dance pop from Quebec. Sung completely in French. I've been recommended this band multiple times over the last few months and have finally listened. I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier.

The Photo Atlas.
TPA are exactly what you'd expect from a Stolen Transmission band - pure sex on the dancefloor. These guys are probably going to be my new guilty pleasure.

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