Sunday, June 3, 2007

fire on the disco floor!

So I open up my messages at absolutepunk and see this in my inbox:

hey how's it going? this is Jeff from The Drugstore Cowboys. your review of our record was amazing! thanks so get it! alot of people dont understand where we're coming from and you do!!! so awesome. so i was wondering if you'd like to do an interview with us!

How could I not?! I love the Cowboys, so here's a look at what it's like to be in the craziest, most inventive band out there today.

PPJ: First off, please tell us your name and what you do in the band.

Jeff: I'm Jeff Scott and I'm the words and most of the vocals of the band.

PPJ: How did the Drugstore Cowboys get started?

Jeff: Well according to my recalection we met at a bethel house in Singapore during the fall of the British Army to the Japanese Amry in 1942. It was recorded as the bloodiest battle in British history. We were getting massages in the neighboring room when a bomb exploded and we had to rush out and save each other's life. But from what Philippe tells me it was due to the amazing electronic works of Test Icicles, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, WHAM!, ect.

PPJ: You guys have a very unique sound. How did you arrive at the type of music you're making now?

Jeff: We were tired of everything that's being created in the music industry today. We wanted to take the elements of everything we've ever loved musically and combined them into one huge catastrophic star explosion. We really hate regurgitation.

PPJ: How do you usually go about writing songs?

Jeff: Philippe programs all the music tracks and i tell him what i like, don't like, or i'm neutral on. Then i go and write lyrics to the tracks. So it's pretty much completely a 100% collaborative effort.

PPJ: Your style of music is not one that most people "get," but you've been able to build up a fanbase and get signed to Lujo Records. How did you go about accomplishing all that?

Jeff: Our live show hands down. The music is fun and different and a breath of fresh air, but when you get to experience it in real life it's 25x better then the record. It's a nonstop, off the wall party bonanza!

PPJ: Your live show is intense. How do you manage to be so crazy and not hurt yourself or your bandmates?

Jeff: Philippe and I's bodies are equipt with ultra violet ray sensors so we're shocked with a small buzz when we get close to one another on stage but as for the rest of the band...good luck to them. By the way, i get hurt just about every show. But it's totally worth it!

PPJ: How important do you feel a live show is to a band's image?

Jeff: I feel like every element is as strong as the next. If we were just crazy live and didn't have the music to back it up it would just become a novelty, and that's exactly the complete opposite of what we represent.

PPJ: What's your favorite song on your record and why? Which is your least favorite and why?

Jeff: My favorite changes everyday. So far the most consistant favorite is Coyote Confessions becasue i feel like it's a true look at where we were in our lives when we wrote the song. My least favorite is Eulogy Of A Friendly Foe because i feel like it drags along...that's the only reason i can say i don't like any of our songs haha. i listen to our album all the time still and we've had it for well over a year now. It's pretty sweet.

PPJ: How did Matt Thorsen and Niku Azam become permanent members?

Jeff:We asked and they were into it so they hopped on board. It's some what musically challanging to play certain parts that were originally programmed on a computer. Because you can reach beyond the normal average humans capabilites.

PPJ: A lot of your lyrics focus on urban life and its decay. Where does that influence come from?

Jeff: Everything that i see everyday. It's what's around us every second and most of us over look what's truely going on. I'm fully aware of my surroundings and it truely disheartens me to see human life spiral into hopelessness.

PPJ: Your songs are always pushing the boundaries and preset notions of music. Do you have any new sounds or styles you're experimenting with now?

Jeff: The new record, whenever it will be done, will be very "soundtrack-esque". Alot of different atmospheres and textures we didn't try on this record. We just want to expand ours and everyone else's minds while making music that's still understandable.

PPJ: Has being from DC given you any noticeable advantages or disadvantages?

Jeff: No. It's the deadest music scene in the world, and it's the saddest thing in the world. Kids only go to shows if your band's the touring flavor of the month. No one wants to support their scene. Sad.

PPJ: You guys played SXSW this year. What was that experience like?

Jeff: AMAZING! It was one of the best shows we've played as a band. It was something that i won't soon forget.

PPJ: What's your favorite venue to play and why?

Jeff: The Delancey in NYC! The people in NYC respond in the most amazing fashion. We love playing there more than anywhere....well there and in NC! I was surprised how amazing the shows were that we've played down there! The Brewery RULES!!! Every band should play there. The kids are the best. NYC and NC are dead even!

PPJ: Do you have any tours in the works?

Jeff: Yep, a few I can't disclose but you'll know of them very very soon. If you're in a band and want to tour with us let us know. We love playing shows with everyone...even you.

PPJ: What do you hope people will take away from a Drugstore Cowboys show or album?

Jeff: I just wanted people to know that we're not here to write songs that are meaningless. I want people to know what music should really be all about. And i want people to know our live show is sweet.

PPJ: Lastly, tell us three bands you think we should be listening to.
Jeff: Bad Brains
Cutlery (from Washington, DC check them on Myspace:
Oh.....and us! ( [shameless promotion])

Thanks again to Jeff for wanting to do an interview. Make sure you check them out on Myspace, pick up their record, and keep your eyes peeled for a tour date near you.


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