Monday, June 11, 2007

where is my death?

Artist: We Are Standard
Album: 3.000V-40.000W
Label: Minty Fresh
Release Date: 7.10.07

What's in a name, really? To people like my mom, a name is everything. She always wants to know why bands name themselves what they do, while I tend to never give band monikers a second thought. It's just a memorable handle for a group of people, right? Well, in the case of We Are Standard, their name sets the precedent for what we should expect.

Their name is extraordinarily similar to that of We Are Scientists, and they sound quite a bit like that band as well. Only more...well...standard. The beats aren't as catchy, the vocals not as smooth, and the lyrics not as good.

Actually, the guitar riff at the beginning of the first track, "On The Floor," sounds promising, as do the funny electro beats. But as soon as their singer begins to growl the lines "I got to know you in college / when the shops were all closed down / I thought I'd never meet you / but you found me one more time", it kind of goes downhill from there.

The sparse drumming on "Pressure" does little to alleviate the predictable dance beats. The singer begins to sound more like he belongs in a mid-'70s punk band rather than a trendy dance rock band. Unfortunately, the addition of backup vocals make his voice grate even more.

"Supermarket" is one of the most excruciating songs on the record - with its overly extended instrumental intro and painfully slow vocal cadence. Not to mention that it's a song about a rape in a supermarket. Yes, that's right - rape in the supermarket.

I always wanted to be his girl / Dry his tears and share my bed / But this is what he's done / I hate this supermarket / I fucking hate this supermarket

There is also a song that is inexplicably sung in German ("Frank"), even though the band is from Spain.

I really tried hard to find something about this band that I liked. Perhaps they had some innovative backing tracks? No. Impressive vocal gymnastics? No. Interesting lyrics? No. Actually, come to think of it, perhaps "We Are Standard" is actually too high a compliment.

01. On The Floor
02. Pressure
03. The Happy Song
04. Love Train
05. I Love You
06. Txusma Remix
07. Supermarket
08. Hippie
09. Frank
10. The Pill Song (Wowee)
11. Jam 256# (Belive In Yourself)

* - standout tracks

For fans of: The Bravery, the new Killers album, nails on chalkboard.

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