Friday, October 5, 2007

Verona Grove - EP

Verona Grove - Verona Grove EP
Release Date - Spring 2007
Label - Pat's Record Company

These days, reviews of pop-punk albums often contain the disclaimer that the band is "nothing groundbreaking." But who says a band has to be groundbreaking to be fun? Yeah, you've probably heard Verona Grove's style of music a thousand times over, but that isn't to say you shouldn't give them a shot.

This trio from Wisconsin sound like a cross between The Starting Line and Driving East. Tell me that isn't fun. Their four song EP starts with the fist-pumping "Everything You Dreamed," and the rolling guitars and smooth vocals are sure to get teen girls jumping up and down in a frenzy. Their simple choruses and vaguely heartbroken verses are just begging for crowd singalongs.

"Revolution" is a fairly well executed piano slow jam, and sounds like it could be Waking Ashland b-side. I'd like to see them push this style a little further; they seem to know how to use the piano well.

The best song is the closing track, the synth-driven "Goodbye Surrender." It's easily the EP's catchiest tune, and is capable of launching the band into the current dance-rock craze. The backing vocals on this track are also simply made for crowd participation. Production-wise, the EP is nicely done, though I think they could benefit from more punchy vocals and drums.

So yes, Verona Grove is not breaking any new ground, but most bands these days aren't. So why not enjoy the music of those who know the formula and how to work it?

Track Listing
01. Everything You Dreamed *
02. No Words To Say
03. Revolution
04. Goodbye Surrender *

* - standout tracks

For fans of: The Starting Line, All Time Low, Holiday Parade, The All-American Rejects

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