Saturday, May 19, 2007

I can't remember who she wasn't.

Artist: The Photo Atlas
Album: No, Not Me, Never
Label: Stolen Transmission/Morning After Records
Release Date: March 6, 2007

What comes to mind when you think of Stolen Transmission? Dance parties? Me too. Seeing that The Photo Atlas is signed to Stolen Transmission/Morning After Records, that is precisely what we are getting from their debut album - no surprises here.

With the angular guitars of "Electric Shock," the band shows us right off the bat how much they take from British rock. Alan Andrews sort of shouts rather than sings, again in keeping with the UK style.

The band keeps going with similar riffs and the same strained vocals for the next few tracks. Yes, the songs are all easy to dance to, especially at a Stolen Transmission party, where it's pretty much guaranteed that most attendees will be drunk enough to dance to anything.

The lyrics all center on the dance club lifestyle - wasted hipsters looking for someone to take home for the night.

Was it cold that night / when I saw you standing there / roll your eyes / give someone a chance, my darling / my darling / my darling / it d-d-d-doesn't stop

As for the production, the drums sound tinny, and often as if Meg White is making a guest appearance. It's also a rare treat to hear the bassline at all.

The group continues blasting through this style of song for the entirety of the album. It sounds as if these boys decided to form a dance rock band because they know the style is hot at the moment, but they didn't take the time to explore the possibilities of the genre. With better production, a wider range of influences, and perhaps some lessons, this band could make it big. But for now, they should stay within the confines of Stolen Transmission parties.

01. Electric Shock *
02. Merit
03. Light And Noise
04. The Walls Have Eyes
05. She Was A Matador
06. Red Orange Yellow *
07. Broadcasting Feedback
08. Little Tiny Explosions *
09. Cutback
10. Handshake Heart Attack

* - standout track

For fans of: Young Love, You Me And Everyone We Know, Permanent Me.

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