Monday, May 21, 2007

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Artist: The Perfects
Album: The Perfects EP
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 10.2.06

What if Trent Reznor decided to stop being political and listen to Duran Duran instead? We'd probably get music that sounded a lot like The Perfects. This duo from DC goes heavy on the synth, making dark dance music that children of the '80s can appreciate.

Beginning with the throbbing "Shipwrecked," their debut EP touches on all things key to synth rock - heavy basslines, monotone vocals, and big hooks from the keyboardist. The tracks are sufficiently diverse enough to keep the listener's interest, while still sticking to their style and formula very closely.

The band does a good job of making each song unique, with vocalist Ric Peters taking a different singing style and cadence on each track, and instrumentalist Tim Phillips laying down thick riffs and heavy hooks with the guitars and synth. It's very apparent that Phillips knows what he's doing when it comes to dance rock.

This band clearly would have done well alongside the glam and synth rockers of the '80s. Whether or not many people under the age of 25 will be able to swallow them unironically is different question.

01. Shipwrecked
02. Bittersweet *
03. Changes
04. Sheltered
05. Crystal Ball *

* - standout track

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Anonymous said...

My Perfects CD has imperfections. Can I get my money back?