Monday, May 7, 2007

I feel it gripping me from every side.

Artist: Washington Lane
Album: So Hot EP
Label: Unsigned

So you've decided that you secretly like the powerpop of bands like Permanent Me or The Higher? Then it's time for you to make a little room in your heart for Washington Lane.

This little band from Charlotte, North Carolina, is following in the footsteps of those bands, and doing so very well. Lead singer Thomas Harling has a voice that is made for belting out choruses packed with whoa-o's and yeah-ah's, as are displayed on the EP's opening track, "Last Week." The song is perfect for kids who want to hit the dancefloor.

The title track, "So Hot," brings a slinkier feel to the EP, sure to appeal to those who are loving the dance rock trend that's taking over music at the moment.

I often tend to assume that dance rock lacks in the lyrics department, but Washington Lane proves me wrong here. While the subject matter focuses on girls and only girls, the songs tell complete stories in the span of two and a half minutes each. The only place the lyrics get a bit too cheesy is with the knight in shining armor metaphor on "Fairytale," but the lyrics on the other songs make up for that. On the slow "Alone Tonight," Harling croons,

Where are you? / I see you staring down / I'm staring from the ground / I tripped and fell / is this farewell? / I'll say goodbye / I'll say goodbye and walk away

"17 Missed Calls" is the weakest track on the EP, but it's still worthy of a shake of the hips. If you're not already a fan of dance rock, this band won't convert you, but if you're already a follower, you're sure to love Washington Lane as well.

01. Last Week *
02. So Hot *
03. Fairytale
04. Alone Tonight
05. 17 Missed Calls

* - standout tracks

For fans of: Permanent Me, The Higher, All Time Low.

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